The Journey of Womb Healing, Conscious Sexuality
& Remembering Who You Are
with Anahata Ananda
The Womb Is The Sacred Power Center Of A Woman.

And Then She Remembered Who She Was...

Before society told her who to be

Before magazines and media showed her how to dress

Before her voice & emotions were silenced

Before she was taught how to see her body as imperfect

Before peer pressure imposed its will

Before her intuition was replaced with people pleasing

Before the oppression, desecration & aggression

BEFORE all of this, She Knew Who She Was... 

A Bold, Beautiful Expression of Divine Beauty & Perfection

Sisters, We Are Remembering Who We Are. We are pealing back the layers, tending to the wounds, nourishing ourselves with love, coming home to the truth, in order to reveal the rose in the garden that was always there.

Disrespect, abuse, insecurity, heartbreak, power struggles, abuse and shame are just a few of the consequences, when a woman has been physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically dishonored. Let's acknowledge the distorted influences such as media, peer pressure, religion, ancestral heritage etc. that adversely affect how we see ourselves, hold ourselves, and how we allow ourselves to be treated. My dear sisters, it is time to heal the wounds, reclaim our power, embrace conscious sexuality and awaken the empowered grace of the sacred feminine.
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An Intimate Virtual 4-Part Interactive Series for Women Only via Zoom Video
With a small group of women, this will be a safe, non-judgmental space to share, clear and heal with the intentions of reseeding your sacred garden with beautiful radiant blossoms.

Program Includes:

Guided Mediations

Core Healing Experiences

Journaling Exercises


Interactive Q&A

Sacred Ceremonies

    Other Issues That We Will Be Exploring:
    Transmuting Sexual Trauma & Shame, Restoration of Sacredness of the Womb, Reinstituting Rites Of Passages, Recapitulation from Conception to Present, Clearing & Releasing Past Lovers, Re-establishing Self-Respect, Womb Care, Communication Clear Agreements, Maintaining Boundaries, Exploring Sacred Intimacy, Conscious Sexual Practices, Finding Your Version of the Embodied Feminine.
    Program Instructions:

    For each class, please plan to be in a sacred space, on time, prepared with a journal and pen, and committed to the series. Set aside at least 2 hours for each class. Event access closes 10 minutes after start time. Please join on time. Due to limited space, there are no refunds for no shows or partial attendance.
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    Four 2-Hour Zoom Video Calls


    August 12th

    August 19th

    August 26th

    September 2nd

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    Investment In Yourself: $222

    If only every woman could learn about these concepts.

    Help us shift that reality, starting with yourself.

    By joining the waitlist, you will have first access when the next Awaken The Feminine Series is offered.